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The Case For Charging Good Money (Featuring an $800 Example)

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So here’s some crazy shit: a few weeks ago, I spent $800+ on supplements.


But there was good reason, however, and that good reason includes the words “hypothyroid” and “dangerously deficient” and “body full of inflammation”—which explains SO MANY THINGS, including why dropping the weight has been a god damn nightmare and also probably Donald Trump’s presidency.

(Are you reading this, Don? Because I’m pretty sure my thyroid’s coming back into power and that means very bad things for you.)

But anyway, the reason why I’m telling you all of this? Because when you spend $800 on a few bottles of tic tacs, you better believe you don’t miss a single day. There I am, morning, noon and night, pounding pills like a CHAMP, throwing open the windows by my bedside to do a little a cappella with the birds. In other words, I am taking this VERY SERIOUSLY and if it weren’t really disgusting I’d tell you about all of the amazzzzzing things that are happening with my body already, just from balancing my hormones.

Because when you spend that kind of money, you do take it seriously—whatever it is. And it’s also one of the biggest arguments against the free brigade.

If someone downloads your free book, but never reads it, does it matter? And, more importantly, is that person affected by your work in the way you intended?

No. Ditto the free course, the free consult, the free trial.

Free implies things. It also changes how seriously someone takes it, and how they act as a result. Money is not just an exchange of value, but an insurance policy. The more your clients and customers spend, the more dedicated they become—and that benefits both parties. They get the results they wanted, and you get the benefit of having happy, proven clients who are out there in the world making it happen.

Sometimes, charging good money actually is for the greater good. And sometimes, spending good money?

Is just as important.



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