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“The O Method”: My Quick Trick for Standing Out From the Crowd With Your Work

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So you know I've been high as a kite on books since THE BIG BOOK DEAL (which I have no shame in saying in big, obnoxious capital letters, not even a little bit) and I've already been having all sorts of crazy visions of book tours that, instead of taking me to all the big cities, takes me to ALL THE SMALL TOWNS, where I will then proceed to take all the trailer park children and walk hand-in-hand through all the fields while spinning around like Mary Poppins and telling them that they can do big things.

But I'm not even kidding. Wouldn't that be great?

An ode to the small town girl.

Because, the truth is, nobody cares about my book—just like nobody cares about your product, your course, your freelance services. In and of themselves, they're just another thing. So the question becomes: why does your work matter?

This is why so many freelancers struggle to differentiate themselves: they don't yet know the answer to that question. So far, they've been viewing their work on a superficial level: “I do Facebook ads,” or “I take wedding photos,” or “I do interior design.” Yes, and so do 400,000 other people (as I'm sure you're painfully aware). Ditto for this book I'm writing: there are tons of books on business. But this isn't just about business: this is about learning how to trust in your own voice, and your own ideas, and your own mind, even when you're a nobody. There's a much greater purpose.

That purpose doesn't only serve to give your work substance; it also happens to serve as your marketing angle. (Surprise!) So if you're having a hard time figuring out what to say about your work, or how to differentiate yourself in the market, ask yourself this:

Why does your work matter to you? What do you value?

Know what you value, and you'll know how to differentiate yourself.

And if you're still stuck? Finish this sentence: “My work is an ode to ____________.” It's a great way to start thinking about your work on a higher level. I call this “The O Method.” (Because of course I want to bring orgasms to mind as much as possible.)

Because anyone can write a book, offer a service, make a piece of art.

But nobody will care—until you tell them why they should.



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