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If you’re both killer & poet, YOU GET RICH.

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“Most good copywriters fall into two categories: Poets and Killers.

Poets see an ad as an end. Killers, as a means to an end.

If you are both killer & poet? You get rich.”

Ogilvy once said that about copywriters, but that’s just because he wasn’t around long enough to see the internet blow up.

Nowadays, everyone’s one or the other: Poet or killer.

The poets are running around with their heart placed firmly on their sleeve, hoping that if they do authentic work, it’ll sell itself.

The killers, on the other hand, are the guys who have nothing original nor useful to sell, but can sell it to you, anyway.

Yet neither one of these groups is going to last very long.

Truth is, you might be as authentic as they come, but if you can’t get anyone to pay you for it, you’re a dead fish in the water. The same goes for the killers: You might be great at selling, but if your business is built on empty promises, the world will skin you alive.

It’s the rare combination of poet & killer – he who works hard, AND learns how to sell his hard work – who isn’t just getting rich, but going for broke.

Because he's the only one who can. 

When you can’t sell, everything around you becomes a threat: Other people, lower prices, better websites, more clever names.

But when you can?

You're not threatened.

Because you are the threat. 

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6 thoughts on "If you’re both killer & poet, YOU GET RICH."

  1. I love the idea of seeing yourself as a threat. A threat to mediocre. A threat to bullshit limiting beliefs and values.

    This addition to your identity reminds me of a client we’re working with who is the reigning G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) on the Madden football video game. He’s earned that title by winning multiple $100,000+ tournaments beating the best competitors in the world.

    He calls himself, “Problem”. He got the nickname when he was younger and someone in the chat thread made the comment that he was a problem because he was so good. One of the things I’ve advised him to do is encourage the thousands of fans/followers he has, to take advantage of his teachings in pursuit of “becoming the problem that their opponent can’t solve.”

    I believe the greatest in any arena see themselves threats to people operating on an inferior/disreputable level. And they love it. They love being the problem that their lazy/dumb opponents are perplexed by.

    I applaud you Ashley for encouraging people to reach for this level of becoming the elite intimidating performer who shamelessly delivers killer marketing that opens the door for them to get the real deal results that their clients adore.