A Quick Piece of (Marketing) Advice for Every Broke, Newbie Entrepreneur Who Doesn’t Have Two Cents to Rub Together (YET…)

A question I get a lot is: what a limited marketing budget, what's the one thing you'd do? And my answer is this:

I would talk.

I would talk about it everywhere, in front of whoever will listen.

The medium doesn’t matter—the fact that you’re out there talking does. Instagram videos. Twitter streams. Podcasts. Webinars. YouTube. Facebook. Community events. Telephones. Megaphones. Blogs. Whatever. There are so many free tools we now have to reach the rest of the world, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be talking. You don’t have to have a fancy marketing plan. You don’t even have to have the perfect message nailed. All you need is a genuine enthusiasm and belief in what you’re doing, and then get your ass out there and talk someone’s ear off about it.

A lot of people then say: Well, what do I talk about?

And my response to that is simple:

Well, what’s the change you’re trying to make?

That’s what you talk about.

And if you aren’t trying to change anything, then I think you should be asking yourself a different question: not, how do I market myself, but how do I do something that matters to me?

There’s a difference.



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