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Cut The Fat.

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Cut the fat.

Give yourself the white space you need in order to grow.


…pursue what you’re really here to pursue.

Hint: It’s probably the one thing on your to-do list that doesn’t have any guidelines, instructions, paths to follow or tried and true ways of doing it.

And that’s exactly why you’re procrastinating it.

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49 thoughts on "Cut The Fat."

  1. Rob says:

    Having recently launched my own company, I’m know EXACTLY where this article is coming from. I’ve started forcing myself to go out and meet ACTUAL people. I’ve booked to spend a week in Slovenia at the end of November because GOD I need the time apart from the Interwebs.

    It’s so easy to just work your ass off, week in week out, and before you know it, your grogginess is lasting to well in the afternoon. You’re burned out, and everything seems like so much more of a chore. That’s why I’d also put another one on this list…

    Put on some music ridiculously loud, and just dance and sing as loudly as you can. Alternatively, get to work on a punchbag. Anything to just release that tension and get a bit of adrenaline flowing 🙂

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yeah! Crank those tunes! That was the best part about my trip to the USA (just got back to Chile now) – I bought some CDs and just blasted it in the rental car that I had. I miss doing that sometimes, since I don’t have a car here. 🙂  

      1. Rob N. says:

        haha, that reminds me of this time we were on a road trip across the uk. We somehow ended up listening to a CD of ‘The Baseballs’ (a German group who do AMAZING covers of top pop songs but in a rock ‘n’ roll style), with the Robbie Williams track on blasting down the road, singing at the top of our lungs, then out of nowhere a rabbit runs out into the road…we all see it happening in slow-motion and all in harmong scream ‘noooooo’, as we hit the poor creature, then seamlessly go back into singing along…. totally irrelevant to this topic, sorry! Just something you reminded me of =P

  2. Joseph says:

    I have many on my list….thanks for reminding me!