The Dirtiest Piece of Advice I Have For You (On Biz, Copywriting + Living Out LOUD)

Well holy shit. It's Thursday.

An interview I did the other day with Bern from Your Great Life TV went live today, and I wanted to pass it along because I give some fast and dirty straight shooter (pow pow!) advice on running an online biz, copywriting like a motherfucker, and living a life you love, already. (While wearing fake pearls. And after having a dirty martini with pineapple man. Shhhhhhh.)

I'd love it if you'd take a look, because it's a nice change from me ranting with the written word–to ranting in person. You may love it, or you may be inspired to send a hit man after me because you just can't take it anymore. Totally understandable.

The interview in Bern's words:

What happens when you combine the power of the feminine creative force and add honest, extraordinary, and gutsy marketing genius? You get Ashley Ambirge 🙂 I’m not going to attempt to describe what an amazingly creative, marketing savvy, funny, woman she is, but I will say that hosting her on my show has been a true privilege. I especially love that the insights you will gain from listening to this interview can be applied not just to the art of creating a thriving business but to living a life that REALLY matters too. Aside from watching this interview do yourself a favor and get on her email list, if for not other reason, to see the best FREE product I’ve seen for joining a list.

Some key insights from this interview:

  • Understand the power of hitting the “publish” button
  • How to use pain to fuel your mission
  • Why marketing matters as much as passion
  • The secret to avoid struggling (like so many) when creating a meaningful online biz
  • The two instant solutions that create the most impact when sharing your message online
  • Why copy blindness might be hurting your message & how to avoid it
  • What’s her biggest lesson from traveling the world and living in Latin America It’s not what you think
  • What’s Ashley’s boldest & latest initiative




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