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25 Words That Will Make You Seem Bland, Useless, Stale, Dime-a-Dozen, Washed-Up and Otherwise Uninteresting, Unimportant and Not Worth Paying Attention To

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If you want to stand out, feel fresh, appear interesting and get noticed…

…then you've got to use language that stands out, feels fresh, is interesting and gets noticed.

This is common sense, but of course, it's easier said than done. It's tempting to use the first words that come to your mind, but usually?

Those are the last words that'll make you stand out in anyone else's.

This is why good copywriting is so important.

The cutesy, overused, cliché phrases have gotta go. 

Ditto this shitty coffee.


1. Guru

2. Manifesto

3. Solutions

4. Empowerment

5. Juicy

6. Rock (out) (on) (your world) (etc.)

7. Fempreneur (This one's for you, J.)

8. Thrive

9. Alchemist

10. Luminary (seriously?)

11. Epic

12. Shiny

13. Sexy

14. e-Book

15. Kick ass

16. Domination

17. Insanely ________.

18. Ridiculously ________.

19. Killer

20. Rocket science

21. Laser-focused

22. Freakin'

23. Bucket list

24. Remarkable

25. Newsletter

Please. If nothing else, ditch newsletter. This is a plea. A petition. And maybe even a prayer. Nobody is chomping at the bit to sign up for anybody's “newsletter.” I'm not saying not to send (an incredibly well-thought out + useful one) – I'm saying that this is not the language that gets results.

And language is everything.

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