The One Line Script That Will Help You Raise Your Rates Without Sweating, Swearing or Sounding Like a Greedy, No-Good, Finger-Licking Arse

When I worked in magazine advertising sales, every year we were sent a copy of the new rate cards from corporate. And every year, we account executives would then proceed to send an email to our clients that would say:

“Hey, Janey-babe! Here’s this year's new rate card for your records.”

It wasn’t personal. Nor was it a big deal. It just was what it was: the new rate for the new year (with higher prices).

And yet, most freelancers and service providers break out into a FREEZING COLD SWEAT the moment it’s time for them to raise their rates. The reason? It feels personal. Because it’s you there, behind the desk, calling that shot with that big ol’ Mickey Mouse mug of yours—not corporate.

So why not take the personal out of it? Why not create your own official rate card and have it designed gorgeously and professionally, and then have a new one printed up each year—or even quarter—to send to your clients so they don’t dread it, but expect it?

In fact, here's an exact script you can use, taken directly out of Unf*ckwithable Words.

Because sometimes, we need policies in place to help us run our business, when we’re too shy to do it ourselves.



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