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How to Get Unstuck, Stop Hating Yourself, and Do the Damn Thing, Once + For All

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The secret?

You’re either going to commit to it or you’re not.

Deciding is 100% of the decision.

The rest is simply a (happy) consequence.

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If You Want Someone to Say Yes to You, and Love You, and Give You Their Money, and Be Happy as a God Damn Clam Dunked in Sriracha, There’s One Thing You May Be Overlooking That’s Mission-Critical, AMEN

Today’s the day my private retreat participants arrive here to the world’s most wonderful boutique hotel here in The Cotswolds (I’ll show you later, when I don’t run the risk of some random Freddie Krueger on the Internet showing up and ruining EVERYTHING AKA sawing our hands off in the middle of the night—“you’ll never […]

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