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Just The Tip: Plan on Being Successful

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I'm the first to promote the bootstrapper spirit, but I'm also first to promote intelligent decisions.

And sometimes “crossing that bridge when we come to it,” isn't as free-spirited as it is stupid.

What happens when there's no bridge?

Sure, you can build one. But it may end up costing you significantly more money, energy, time, heartache and headaches than if you had just taken the fucking flight.

Plan on being successful from day one.

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3 thoughts on "Just The Tip: Plan on Being Successful"

  1. Karen J says:

    Glad I listened to this, Ash! I didn’t quite understand just how “…You Need Guts” was going to work.

    “Look out! Someone in Lisle, United States just had a buy-gasm!” 🙂

    1. Ash Ambirge says:

      Laughing, @KarenJ7:disqus!

      1. Karen J says:

        Lovin’ it, every day, too.
        Very glad I decided to pick up your bridge-building kit before I need it! <3