Scared You’ll ___________? Here’s a Clever Little Mental Tip for Becoming UNF*CKWITHABLE.

HI, IT’S FRIDAY, and I’m sure you’re probably about to do all sorts of things I absolutely approve of. *slow clap*

To assist you in your ventures—which may or may not include spending the next 48 hours sitting your ass down at your laptop, hustling to grow your business / working on that project / making something from nothing / trying to remember to apply a second coat of deodorant—I thought I would share a little piece of advice one of our Unf*ckwithable Girlfriends posted yesterday, as a #TeachableThursday. (It’s a thing we do every week. IT IS SO MUCH FUN LEARNING EVERY SINGLE INSIDE TIP EVERYONE HAS FROM ALL OF THEIR INDUSTRIES / LIVES / BUSINESSES / BRAWLS.)

Anyway, she was talking about getting past all of those clench-your-ass-in-fear moments we all have from time to time, and using curiosity to do that. And I quote:

“If you’re afraid of something, find a way to be curious about some aspect of it.”

And, you know? I just about fell out of my seat with joy. Isn’t that just the most useful idea for becoming more unf*ckwithable?

  • Instead of being afraid of the airplane, learn how it works.
  • Instead of being terrified of giving your elevator pitch, study what makes a great one.
  • Instead of feeling like you’re an imposter all the time, do so much motherfucking research that you could school ANYONE’S ASS OUT THERE. (If those fools want to bring it, that is.)

Because isn’t that where fear stems from in the first place? Not knowing.

So, what if you went on a mission to find out?

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, I hope you’ll get curious.

It’s hard to be scared of something you’re an expert in.



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