The World Isn’t Your Mommy

You know what’s crazy? There’s not actually a team of people assigned to your life, sitting around monitoring your blood work, and your bank accounts, and the health of your relationships, jotting down notes, circling areas of concern.

There’s no supervisor.
No one checking your progress.
No one setting quarterly reviews.

As a result, we end up operating by a dangerous principle: out of sight, out of mind. We don’t worry about the stuff we can’t see. “Health.” “Financial security.” “Connection.” “Contentment.”

But the only person advocating for you in this world…is you. And sometimes it requires going out of your way to figure it out, find the answers, ask for more, speak up, connect the dots, and make it happen.

Because the world isn’t going to swoop in with a checklist of all the things you really should be doing, but aren’t.

Shockingly enough, it’s up to you to be a better you.



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