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A Tiger Doesn’t Ask Permission of the Gazelles to Sprint

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Stop giving a shit about the stats. So you don’t have any subscribers? Who cares—you don’t need subscribers to put your best work out into the world. You don’t even need a website. Just start.

Surprise—I’ve had a few thousand people unsubscribe since I started doing daily emails. Guess what? I’m doing it, anyway, full speed ahead. I’m doing them because the integrity of my work demands it. A writer writes—and it’s none of my business who is reading. It’s my job to do the writing. You will either love it or hate it, but I can’t care either way. I’ve done my part. That’s all that’s required of me, and it’s all that’s required of you.

Stop trying to play everybody’s else’s part. It would be awkward in a play, and it’s straight up maddening in real life.

A tiger doesn’t ask permission of the gazelles to sprint.

In fact, I believe “move bitch, get out the way,” is playing in her headphones, every time she tears off down the savanna.

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