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The World’s Most Unscholarly Summary of Quito, Ecuador, Ever. (Oh, and Photos.)

In: Feeling Dead and Uninspired

Like: Cobblestone

Dislike: Heels + hot coffee + cobblestone (oops)

Like: Free wifi in every plaza

Dislike: Thinking I should work in cafes in every plaza, and then getting hopelessly distracted by shirtless soccer players on TV (oops again)

Like: The equator

Dislike: Forgetting the bottle of wine to drink ON THE EQUATOR

Like: Kissing

Dislike: Kissing Ecuadorian men I, ahem, shouldn't

Like: Safety

Dislike: Car alarms that make me want to hurl myself out a window and onto a piercingly sharp broken beer bottle

Like: Stretching my comfort zone

Dislike: Sleeping in a roomful of  strange Argentinian men who turn on the light at 2am

Like: Public transportation

Dislike: Two hour bus rides with sweaty mules. Just kidding. There were no sweaty mules. But for the record, more blogs should make a habit of inappropriately inserting the word “mule” into their posts

Like: Exploring

Dislike: Signs like these

Like: Taking pictures

Dislike: Chicks named Ashley who pretend to write blog posts that are really just lists bragging about how much fun she's having, continuing on to post an assortment of  Instagram photos just because she's so happy she's exploring Ecuador she just can't help herself.

You don't mess with the arch.


…or anyone with hot pink lips.


I feel like there should be an antelope in this photo. Fail.


Because who doesn't make time to play in the park?


What'd you do today? Oh, you know. The usual. Woke up at 11. Ate ice cream on the equator at noon.


Why stand when you can lay? (That's what he said.)


…no, not him. But how badly do you want to give this man a hug?


We were proud of this photo. Both of us managed to look semi-human.


…and then there's this photo, which just needs to be shared because these fine young lads are Danish, and this might be the most disturbing photo I've ever taken.


Oh, you didn't want to see a picture of my leftover salad?


I think somebody took “dance like no one's watching” to a whole new level.


Look who's snapping candids now, Hepp!


Andddd my favorite of all. 


Are you relieved?

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In: Feeling Dead and Uninspired


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