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You Know Who Wants a 4-Hour Work Week? The People Who Have No Great Loves, No Red Hot Hopes, No Mad-Wild-Hunger In Their Eyes.

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A couple weeks ago I was in Colombia.
Right now, I’m in Costa Rica.
Next week, I’ll be in the U.S.
July 1st, I head to London for the summer. (Running our exciting VIP magazine photoshoots!)
In August, I’m putting on a retreat in the English countryside.
In September, I’m banking on Chile.
In November, I’ll be in Paris.
And in December, well, New York is always calling.

On MONDAY NIGHT our new site launches.
On Tuesday, I’ll do a big reveal. (I’ll also shit my pants!)
There are all-new products, all-new plans, all-new affiliate programs, all-new everythings—plus a super sick design, from my super sick design team, who are the absolute BEST in the business.
(There are even PAPER products on the way, which makes me realize how much of a dream this has been, all my life. There’s nothing like #EDGYSTATIONERY to make a writer hot. Nothin’.)

The book is almost shipped.
I’ve poured my heart into this work for years.
Every sentence is an act of fuck yes from the bottom of my GROIN.
And I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else, ever.

It’s an all-new start, for an all-new beginning. But all of the cool-girl success? All of the bright lights and the glittery shit? This didn’t just happen. I was not just at the right place at the right time. This is not just because I’m “one of the lucky ones.”

I sliced my wrists open to get this far.

I’ve given, and I’ve slaved, and I’ve worked, and I’ve slayed. And I wouldn’t trade that sweat equity for the world. Because here’s the thing:

Success is not a 4-hour workweek.

So often, I see people running around with this big, magical goal of doing less work, but the thinking is flawed. You don’t get your life back by having more hours in the day—you get your life back by spending the hours you do have, well. That doesn’t just mean what you do for pleasure; it means what you do for work.

When you get up and go to work, are you spending those hours well?

And is it a worthy pursuit?

The number you invest has no bearing on your happiness.

It’s the meaning that’s assigned to the number, that matters.

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