1 Extra Sale Per Day = $3,000 Extra Per Month—And Here’s How to Get It!

You know how you sit down to write a sales page—and all of the sudden YOU FEEL LIKE THE MOST BASIC BETCH ALIVE? Like, wow, I have absolutely nothing brilliant to say, I’m a dime-a-dozen dingflicker, I sound like one giant, festering cliché, and NOBODY IS GOING TO BUY THIS. NOBODY.

This kind of self-consciousness is the worst. You mean-talk yourself because you know that the words on the page don’t even come close to representing you the way you wish they would. You want to be unique! Inventive! Clever! Fascinating! Compelling! Persuasive, with a capital P! But all you’re left with is a bowl of lumpy Cream of Word Wheat—and it’s hardened. Hardened Cream of Word Wheat. (Which we all know is the edible version of stiff khaki pants.)

But what to do?

Copywriters cost five grand, ten grand, ninety grand.

And would they really capture your voice anyway? (This is always a fear.)

More importantly, you can’t spend that kind of coin right now, or maybe ever, especially as you’re bootstrappin’ your way to the top.

So that leaves you with the most common course of action: you throw up your hands and let your sales page grossly underperform and cost you thousands in lost income every month. (Imagine if you’ve got a product that only costs even $100—just ONE extra sale PER DAY is equals another whopping $3,000 every month. At five extra sales per day? That's another $15,000 each and every month.)

Worse, every word counts more than ever, right now, because of the other capital P word: pandemic. You can’t afford to let people who were gonna buy from you? Decide to buy from someone else.

Soooooo, you and I are going to team up. And I’m going to help you transform your sales page from slow sales to WHOA, SALES. Because copywriting is my professional background and words are my superpower, and they’re the one thing you can change instantly without spending any more money on things like design, or software, or bells and whistles, that will have a SIGNIFICANT impact on how well your sales page performs—and how much money you make.

Just one extra sale a day can transform your business.

And all you need to do for that to happen?

Is change the words on the screen.

  • So if you’ve got a sales page on that thing we call the internet (or you will soon!)…
  • And if that sales page sells a service, or a product, or a membership, or a mastermind (or any other brilliant thing you accept money for)
  • And if you know your words are kind of bland, Cream of Wheat lumpy…

Enroll in my new masterclass, happening THIS FRIDAY, MAY 1ST (and available on-demand thereafter), called: “Transform Your Sales Page From Slow Sales to WHOA, SALES!” Because I wasn’t kidding about the name: that’s exactly what it’s designed to do. ?

***HERE’S THE IMPORTANT PART: As a TMF reader, you get big, fat discount if you enroll now.***

You can check out all of the details here (I think you’ll be shocked by some of the math you’ll discover over there) >>>.

I hope this helps you optimize your maximum income potential and earn more from the same things you’ve already got. (Or the things you’re planning on launching soon.) Because you don’t always need to reinvent the wheel: sometimes you’ve just got to grease ‘er up and make ‘er DANCE.

Hope to see you there, Rambo.

A giant gin and elderberry tonic,


P.S. Over the years I’ve probably written and edited 1,000 sales pages on behalf of all types of online businesses owners, from tech companies to life coaches to private universities to marijuana farms (really!), and all the way back to dayplanner designers to accountants to social media consultants and more. And turns out? They’ve ALL got the same bad habits. ? Come join me in this masterclass, fam, and I’ll teach you the four secret ingredients you’ve never heard of that make a huuuuge difference in your sales.



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