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When You Feel Like You Could Collapse + A Personal Favor

In: Feeling Dead and Uninspired

It's the weekend.

And being the weekend, I have an unconventional post for you.

We're entrepreneurs, right? And we're all fighting hard to make our dreams come true, right? (Shut up, even though it sounds corny, it's true and you damn well know it.) And sometimes it gets really fucking hard, right?

Nevermind. I'll get straight to the point.

I have a friend in Chile.

Someone I respect tons.

Someone that I want to see succeed.

He's a Latin R&B artist.

His name is Felipe Labrín.

And he's recently made the decision to go solo….after years of rocking the Latino boy band scene.

But I see him getting crippled with self-doubt. And worry. And lack of confidence in himself.

And I can't stand it.

Because he's gooooood.

I have his music downloaded to my iPod, and they're some of my favorite songs.

So I'm reaching out to you, the TMFproject community, to verbally support a fellow blossoming entrepreneur – and one that has far less access to opportunity than we do.

As a personal favor, I'm asking you to listen to his music, and write him an encouraging email. His English is flawless, and he will understand. Tell him that you heard about his music through Ashley Ambirge's website, so he doesn't think you're a stalker. He can be reached at: It costs you nothing, but will mean the world to him.

If you're feeling particularly generous, you can donate some financial dream fuel to him below, where I've set up a special area on Paypal (no pressure, but just in case). He's in the process of trying to finish getting his solo CD produced, but each song costs $200 to produce, so it's a slow moving process. For a Chilean, $200 is A LOT. On average, most Chileans earn $600 per month. I thought it would be cool to rally our community together and donate his next song to him, to give him a little boost of faith and energy. As a matter of fact, I'll even match anyone's donation. Click the sassy yellow button below if you can spare a cup of coffee…or more! It would make me ever so happy to show him the power of the internet….and his dreams. For anyone who donates, you can write me an email afterward saying, “Hey Ashcakes, I loved your friend and I love you, so I donated,” to our company email, and I'll try to hook you up with a special deal. 🙂

When he was still rocking the boy band scene, here are two of his music videos. In the first, he appears in the orange pants and black tank, and later in a turquoise tee-shirt. Don't mind the half naked chick. Ha.
In the second video, he's also in a black tank, as well as playing the guitar by the fire.

A big, giant, champagne-laden cheers to dreams, baby. Without them, what more do you have?

Thanks in advance for your support. For anyone willing to put in the sweat and tears, as Felipe has, I back them 100%. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Seriously – you know you wanna dance after listening to his jams. 😉

Cheers from Paris,

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