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24 Ways to Love Yourself Fiercely + Bravely—Even When You’re Feeling Like a Heaping Hot Mess

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Loving yourself means:

  1. The courage to reject their opinion.
  2. A kind, but firm: “This is what I want.”
  3. Remembering to be a mother to yourself, every single day.
  4. Asking more questions: What do I really crave? Does this make sense for me, personally? Does this feel heavy or light (or fucking dreadful?).
  5. Asking fewer questions: I cannot make a mistake if I’m doing what I love. Everything always works itself out in the end. Don’t overthink it—go, go, go.
  6. Keeping your promises to yourself—even if means breaking others.
  7. Going somewhere in this world you never thought you would.
  8. Looking at your life as if it were a piece of art. (Is it as beautiful as it is functional?)
  9. Asking for alone time, just because.
  10. Saving for something entirely unpractical, just because.
  11. Turning off your phone for the weekend, just because.
  12. Doing something you love…without the pressure to turn it into a business. Or make you money. Or be “useful.”
  13. Cucumber water. ‘Nuff said.
  14. Asking yourself for advice…and trusting it.
  15. Remembering that you are the authority when it comes to your life.
  16. Defining your personal style, and then rockin’ it. (Showing up in this world as YOU feels really, really good.)
  17. Changing your approach 1,000 times over, but never your end game.
  18. Asking for help—and then asking for more—with a smile on your face.
  19. Thinking. In quiet. A lot.
  20. Paying attention to what makes you curious and then showing up for it.
  21. Being damn sure you can answer this question: “My best life looks like: ___________________.”
  22. Letting nothing fucking stop you.
  23. Staying soft, no matter the shit show.
  24. And giving yourself whatever you need to be okay, without judgment—no matter what that is.

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