This Etiquette Consultant Needed a New About Page: Here’s How I’d Make People Scream to Work With Her

HEY, KITTY CAT—and welcome to Middle Finger Fridays!

I’m featuring a new creator every Friday who’s out there SMOKIN’ it—and highlighting what I think they’re doing really, really right—as well as one or two things they can do even better to make that money. ?

Today, we’re hollering at an accomplished etiquette consultant in London who who is the QUEEN of media and PR—but (!) what happens when they get to your website and feel zero connection?

The name of this game:

Write an irresistible About Page that whips heads, slays minds, and makes people say “YEAH!”

This one’s for you if you have About Page shame and/or struggle to brag about yourself without sounding like an academic, overglorified cunt. (Hey, when in London, right?)

Let’s take a peek! ? ??

Until next week, my fun-loving friend!




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