Get Over Your Fear of Selling Yourself With This Trick for Showing Up With Confidence, Energy and Ease

You know, we just got over an awesome launch of the world’s most useful legal kit on earth for online business (thank you to all of you who bought already!) and the entire time you know what I kept thinking?

Selling your stuff requires you to insist on your own brilliance.

And that’s a difficult thing to do, sometimes, when you’ve been raised in a culture where you're taught to be humble, act modest, and not be all show-boatey. (Or, you know, just when YOU DON’T WANT TO FEEL LIKE A TOOL.)

And yet, in order to do a great job marketing, selling, launching, promoting, you have to put yourself on display; tell the world how great you are; brag about this thing you’ve made; be willing to make a promise that, yes, this is worth it.

This is exceedingly more difficult when you aren’t sure you even believe in the value you offer, and that’s precisely why my #1 tip for selling yourself has nothing to do with the way you sell, and everything to do with WHAT you sell.

You must first fall in love with your own product, before you can ever hope to make other people.

Because only when you believe it’s brilliant, can you sell it as such.

Anything less would be fraud, and that's exactly why, I suspect, so many people feel like one.



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