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Here’s an Opportunity – TAKE IT

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I’ve got a theory.

Don’t tell anyone, because if they take it to heart, they might get even better at this business thing, and then what’s going to happen is that one year from now, you’ll somehow find yourself eating red velvet cupcakes at their book signing instead of your own, except you won’t just be eating one cupcake, you’ll be eating several, because that’s what people do when they’re feeling subpar, right? THEY BINGE EAT. I hear that a lot of people binge eat on cupcakes, which is why I just used it as an example, but me? I’m more of a mozzarella stick kind of girl. Got any of those? Because if not, I don’t want anything to do with your book signing. Come to think of it, I’ll just get my own.

Book signing, that is–not mozzarella stick. Though, the two would be lovely together. Hold me to that, will you?

Deep fried cheese aside, the most profound theory you’re going to read in the next thirty seconds of your life is this:

People? They’re LAZY.

That it’s.

That’s my profound theory.

Which isn’t really a theory, since it’s more a blanket statement, but a blanket statement can be a theory, can’t it?

People are lazy. 

Every one runs around complaining they actually have to learn something these days.

People complain about having to learn, complain about having to try, complain about having to try again, complain about having to earn, complain about having to suffer, complain about having to work at it, and complain that it doesn’t just come easily.

Which is funny, since this is not some sort of great disadvantage, because nothing comes easily to anyone, okay? That Michael Phelps character trained every single day for FIVE YEARS without taking a break. What have you or I done every single day for five years? (Vodka doesn’t count.)

That’s how highly-paid experts are made.

They get unlazy.

And they make progress.

And then one day, they know more than you.

That’s how this learning thing works.

So guess what?

Now that you know that the rest of the world is lazy, there’s one very important implication:

You barely have to do anything to get ahead. 

Did your laundry? Two points! Read a book? You’re in the lead!

When the rest of the world is lazy, it means that you’ve got an opportunity to not be lazy.

You’ve got an opportunity to do something.

To stand out.

To make it happen.

And get your walrus on. (What, you didn’t envision your business like a walrus? Well you should. It weighs 4,000 pounds. Now that’s a heavy hitter.)


(Except maybe those cupcakes. That shit is bad for you.)

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36 thoughts on "Here’s an Opportunity – TAKE IT"

  1. I think I’m about to print this off and hang it on my wall. Absolutely love it 🙂

  2. Jade Doherty says:

    Thank you Ash, I f-ing love this! You hit the nail on the head it was perfect timing as I read it at the gym so got to feel super un-lazy/smug (okay, mostly smug!).

    People are so lazy, and from what I’ve experienced stupid/asleep/zombie-fied/unable to think (not anyone reading this blog. Obz!) that even a tiny bit of enthusiasm goes a long way!

    Thanks again, and I love reading your posts. Each time you talk about Chile or Costa Rica I feel reminded that I too can run my own biz and sip mojitos on a terrance in Sevilla!

    Much love!

    Jade x

    1. Thanks for reading Jade—mojitos in Sevilla sound amazing!! And way to be the girl reading the motivational post while already at the gym…bonus points! 🙂

  3. Kathlyn Hart says:

    I fucking love it! Preach sister, preach.

  4. White Tyrone says:

    Oh hey girl! I was in search of some “lifestyle design” blogs to get me motivated and help me kick-ass in life. I’ve been unemployed for a year now and simply refuse to go out and get a job. Continuing to work towards a better option. Also, I have a brand new 4 month old son and a wife to consider, so the motivation needs to be outstanding. Anyway, I found a list of “44 lifestyle bloggers you need to know about” and after visiting all 44 blogs, yours is the only one I will be following. So rad!

    1. Hi Tyrone! Wow! On behalf of Ash + the Middle Finger Project–Thank you! So glad you enjoyed what you found here, keep working towards that better option, and have an amazing week! 🙂