More Work Doesn’t Mean More Money. It Means More Work.

I like gel eggs. (WHO’S WITH ME ON THIS?)

But I can never get the gel eggs just right, because they always turn out too dry, or undercooked. It’s hard to get that perfect precision.

Then I bought a new pan. Made the gel eggs on the first try.

The tools you use are as important as the work you put into it. Better outcome. Less cursing.

That’s one reason why I’m switching these daily emails to a new provider called Active Campaign next week (if you stop getting these emails, ping me to pronto and we’ll make sure you stay VIP), and also why I spent $45,000 last year on business tools alone. (Which is a crazy number, given that I grew up in a household with an income 1/3 of that).

You don’t have to make it hard on yourself, thinking that the harder it is, the more you deserve it.

Sometimes the hardest work of all is figuring out how to make it easy.



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