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Seduce Me And I’m Yours. Your Customer, That Is.

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So, I'm a huge salsa fan.

The love affair began nearly 10 years ago, when I first traveled to Costa Rica on an exchange program. His name was Alejandro, and he was the first boy to ever ask for my hand on the dance floor.

He was golden tan with dark blue eyes, and long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. If there were a white stallion somewhere near by, it would have seemed perfectly normal for him to be riding it–he had that whole surfer-meets-Fabio look going for him. Fucking typical, right?

“But…but…I don't know how to dance salsa…” I replied, nervous apprehension oozing all over my face.

“I'll teach you,” he responded confidently, looking me in the eyes and extending his hand. (Of course that's how it went, right?)

I stood up, and slowly but surely, painful step after another, Alejandro and his blonde ponytail oh-so-gently took my Latin dance virginity….while I pretty much just sweated all over him.

We danced for hours that night.

From that point on, anytime I heard salsa music, I would get this stupid grin on my face…and watch with envy as Costa Rican girls with hips that naturally moved in circles effortlessly glided around on the dance floor.

One time, I saw an American girl dancing incredibly well, and it pissed me right off. If she can do it, I can fucking do it. (For the record, I couldn't. Not at all.)

You see, I'm a clumsy starter. That's the name I've given myself.

When I first learn a new skill, I'm pretty fucking bad at it. Then, however, once the learning curve is up, I become pretty fucking amazing at it. Take volleyball, for instance. In middle school, when I started, I was the *worst* player on the team. My coach told me much later she never, ever thought I'd make it. As it turns out, I ended up becoming varsity captain, starting at state championships, and earning Server of the Year. (Coach Dean, I know you're reading this. Your ass better back me up on that.)

Anyway, the point is that salsa dancing was very much the same.

I'm not a pro by any means, but compared to what I looked like when I first started, holy difference. Which brings me to the real point of this entire post.

La Alemana and Ataca.

Those are their stage names, and they *are* pros. Here's them dancing the bachata, which is one of my favorite Latin dances ever. (Yes, you should really watch it.)

And here's the deal. I love La Alemana. I love the way she dances (classy and confident), and I love the urban twist she puts on her moves. Furthermore, the chemistry she has with Ataca is just unreal. She's got her own style going on.

In essence, she's my idol.

That being said, if they were to run a salsa + bachata dance retreat, I would fly virtually anywhere, and pay virtually anything to attend.

Which is funny, because realistically, I can learn advanced salsa and bachata from anyone. It's not like La Alemana is the only one who knows the dance. I can learn it from anyone.

But…it's not anyone that I want.

It's her.

And I'd be willing to pay top dollar to train with her.

And that, my friends, is the art of personal branding. For *real* personal branding–not just bullshit personal branding because it's a hip concept these days.

And that's why it's so fucking important that when you're running your business, you give people a REASON to want to buy from YOU. Not just anyone. YOU.

What are you bringing to the table that others aren't? What's so special about you? Why would I be dying to go to *your* retreat, and not someone else's? How are you going to seduce me, as your customer?

Some might call this a USP (unique selling proposition), but screw that.

Coming up with the perfect sentence and proceeding to include it on all of your communications isn't going to get you the business that you need. It's about EMBODYING that sentence. Embodying that proposition. It's about the DOING–and not just the doing, but the doing in YOUR WAY.

That's not some lofty luxury for those who have already experienced success like most people tend to think–rather, doing it your way is a crucial element for those just getting started NOW.

You have to do things your way. If you want clients, you have no choice. That's not being selfish or short-sighted–that's being genius.

GIVE ME A REASON TO WANT YOU, and no one else.

GIVE ME A REASON TO CRAVE YOU, and no one else.


SEDUCE ME, and I'm yours.

And when you do that right, you'll never have to compete on price.

At the end of the day, the *real* value you bring to the table isn't so much in the service you provide–it's the way you provide it. A seduction, if you will.

Anyone can do what you do–remember that.

But no one–and I mean no one–can do it the way that you can.

As long as you're living up to your own potential, that is.

And doing things your way.

Go on. Embody that shit.

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