7 Companies Doing Personality RIGHT.

Remember that one time every single day when I talked about how giving your business a personality will help you earn trust, differentiate yourself, and sell more to the right people?

(As long as you don't own a funeral home. That could be a tricky one.)

Well guess what?

It's your lucky day because…I'm going to talk about it again!

Except I'm not really going to talk about it, because I'd much rather just upload a bunch of fancy screenshots I've been taking around the internet to prove I am right my point.

You're welcome.

P.S. My coffee tastes like shit today. Who can I blame for that?

Exhibit A: Hipmunk

What other companies would have said:

“Please select a date range under thirty days in length.”

What they said instead:


Exhibit B: Crowdrise

What other companies would have said:

Crowdrise is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the best causes in the world.

What they said instead:


Exhibit C: Altoids

What other companies would have said:

Nothing. (Sissies.)

What they said instead:

Exhibit D: The Tilley Hat

What other companies would have said:

Waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® fabric is combined with fleece tuck-away earflaps, keeping you dry, sheltered and comfortable.

What they said instead:
Tilley Hat

Exhibit E: eROI

What other companies would have said:

Tamara Crawford, Creative Director. Passionate about translating brand ideas across many mediums–something she's had a great deal of experience doing in her 10 years with eROI. First as a copywriter, then as Creative Director, Tamara has worked with many brands including blah blah and blah.

What they said instead:

Exhibit F (Really getting down the alphabet, here): Ballroom Jeans

What other companies would have said:

Roomy in the seat and thigh, tapering off gently below the knee. (Taken from an actual Levi's product description.)

What they said instead:

And Exhibit G: (Because we could never leave out my all-time favorite J. Peterman)

What other companies would have said:

Color: Fuchsia. Sizes S, M, L. 100% Cotton. Machine washable.

What they said instead:

Annnnnnd a special bonus J.Peterman exhibit (Can you tell I'm subscribed to their newsletter for recon purposes?):

What other companies would have said:

Take 10% off when you shop today. Limited time only.

What they said instead:

Think of every single thing you write, say and do as an opportunity.

An opportunity to make a connection where there wasn't one before.

And an opportunity to schooch up a little closer to your market and make 'em think something about you.

Whether what they think is good or bad–both will help you get ahead.

That's probably the most important line I've ever written on this entire website–so take it for what it's worth.

Usually businesses try to do the opposite–blend in–because they don't want people having “opinions” about them.

Little do they know the alternative is far, far worse.



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