This Irish Tour Company Needed to Differentiate Themselves: Here’s How I’d Go From Invisible to Un-F*cking-Forgettable

HEY, KITTY CAT—and welcome to Middle Finger Fridays!

I’m featuring a new creator every Friday who’s out there SMOKIN’ it—and highlighting what I think they’re doing really, really right—as well as one or two things they can do even better to make that money. ?

Today, we’re hollering at a walking, hiking, and biking tour company in Ireland who's been around since 1994—but (!) how do you stand out from the crowd when there's gaggles of other tour companies doing the same exact thing?

The name of this game:

Brand. Positioning.

This one’s for you if you have no idea what your brand positioning is (got ya!) and you can't decide if you want to hug me or arm wrestle me for making you watch this long-ass 29-minute training on how you can find yours. ?

Let’s take a peek! ? ??

Need more help with your brand positioning & figuring out your message?

You should totally grab the full version of my course on this, The Magic Message Bootcamp. ✨ (That's where I pulled that lesson from.) I offer it through my creative writing company, Meat & Hair, and it's SO good. If you have no idea how to differentiate yourself and find *your* message, this will ? help. ❤️

Until next week, my fun-loving friend!




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