Never, Ever Put It Off—Or Say You’ll Get to It Tomorrow. Like, Ever. So Help You Vodka.

One of the most important jobs you have: keep your promises to yourself.

It's easy to make exceptions when no one's going to notice; no one's going to hold you to it; no one's going to be angry if you don't. It's easy to say you'll get to it tomorrow, or that it's the least important priority on your list.

But every time you tell yourself you're going to take the jog, write the blog post, start the thing, try something new, and then you don't?

You start to recognize yourself as a liar.

Soon, little nicks get gouged into the side of your confidence, because if you can't even do this one simple thing, what makes you think you can do this very big one?

It's not about promises—it's about proof.

Because every promise you keep, shows you that you're a person who can be trusted. And sometimes, having that evidence is critical to overcoming, especially when we don't necessarily believe we can.



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