I'm a Bad Influence on Women

Ash Ambirge is the author of THE MIDDLE FINGER PROJECT (Penguin Random House 2020) and the CEO of the irreverent female-focused sales training co. by the same name that helps women sell with courage, smarts + style and “make their own damn money” through a variety of signature programs, workshops, courses, talks and books. Her work has been praised by authors such as Seth Godin and Sarah Knight (author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck”), and was recently selected to be featured on The Today Show, The Jenny McCarthy Show, CBS New York, Start-Up Nation, Linked In, Gaping Void, Parade Magazine, Mixergy, and hundreds of podcasts, such as “Afford Anything” with Paula Pant and “Do It Scared” with Ruth Soukup. Ash employs her signature wit, wisdom, and take-no-prisoners attitude to help timid, humble, self-conscious women find their bad-b*tch voice—and learn how to use it. For good. For happiness. For purpose. And yes—for money. She currently splits her time between her historic apartment in Old City, Philly and her little cottage in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica with her darling partner, C, whom she drags to Europe every summer to more closely investigate the matter of whiskey, wine, and people with Scottish accents. Her feet are definitely bigger than yours, and she hates fish.

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