10 Reminders We All Need When We’re Ugly Crying Into Our Vodka and Hate Our Jobs

First of all, if you're actually crying into your vodka, you must be drinking from an exceptionally wide glass. I commend you.

Second, I made this list the other night when I was awake at three o'clock in the morning because isn't that what everybody does at three o'clock in the morning? Makes lists? And then publishes them on the Internet? Fuck, how I love the Internet. Though I do not like having to capitalize “Internet” because it reminds me of having to capitalize “God,” and all of that feels really extra—but then again maybe this is really just a way of saying that the Internet IS God. And I am high key okay with that.

So, darling Internet, here are some things that I'm thinking we could really use some reminders on—because no one can live their best life while actually, ahem, hating it.

  1. You can always start again—which is such a privilege. We love to overcomplicate everything by being all “but how?” but let's be honest: that is really just you procrastinating The Hard. You start by starting. There is no right or wrong way; no ideal order. Just get the fuck in there, will you? Stop benching yourself.
  2. By the way, if you're worried about ruining all of the street cred you've built up and don't want to “throw it all away,” your logic is a little low-res. It's way better to cut your losses now than it is to spend THE NEXT THIRTY YEARS hating your life. Which one is really the bigger waste?
  3. FUN is a legit career strategy. If you're stressing about all of the different things you *could* do, try looking at each one through how much fun it'll be for you. Seriously. Forget straight-laced practicality: it's for the birds. And people born 100 years ago.
  4. You don't have to know what comes next. All you have to know is that you are eager and you are capable and you are trustworthy and you are sincere. Believing that you can handle it is 99% of success.
  5. Nothing takes as long as you think it does. You're probably thinking that it's going to take fucking forever for you to get up to speed in an all-new life, but it's really only going to take you one or two years: with the Internet, everything moves faster. Including your ability to 180 your career.
  6. You don't owe anybody anything, period—and that includes people you made promises to, once upon a time, when you thought things were going to turn out differently. Guess what? They didn't. And you always have a right to change your mind.
  7. You will never feel like you have enough money—even when you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in your bank account. So stop worrying about whether it's going to be “enough” and focus more on whether you are HAPPY.
  8. There will always be someone who thinks it's a horrible idea. That's okay, you think their hair is a horrible idea. #IRRELEVANT.
  9. You can reinvent yourself 1,000 times over. Stopping and starting again is not flighty: it's wise.
  10. There's nothing stopping you from doing something drastic—and sometimes it's the most sensible thing of all.



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