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Houston, We Have a Problem: Nobody Cares About You.

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So here's some Tuesday tough love (which is not even a category, but I'm making it one today):

You know why you're not making the money you want to be making?

Getting the clients you want to be getting?

And/or living the life you want to be living?

Do you know why?

The reason is simple.

Nobody cares.

That's it. It's simple. Nobody cares.

Nobody cares what you're doing. And nobody cares about you.


That's harsh, so let me pat some baby powder on your ass real quick and then explain what I mean. (Because, seriously, if someone were so blunt with me, I'd demand some damn baby powder, too. And a vodka. But unfortunately it's BYOV today, so you're on your own.)

Let's back up the train for a second–am I saying that people shouldn't care about you? No. Am I saying you aren't worth paying attention to? Absolutely not.

What I am saying, however, is that you might not be making people care enough. And by that, what I really mean is that you might not be LEADING enough.

If you're out there and you really know your stuff, then you damn well better act like it. And the best way to act like it isn't about playing nice, or reciting quotes, or asking questions, or jacking off on Twitter all day long and “connecting” with everyone and their brother–everyone except the people who are going to PAY YOU.

No. The best way to act like it is to LEAD THE PEOPLE YOU WANT AS CUSTOMERS.

What does that mean?

It means taking a stance.

It means having an opinion.

It means giving that opinion.

And it means doing so with unshakable confidence.

It means treating your business like a business (and not a child's hobby).

It means showing up when you say you're going to, and doing what you've promised.

It means being useful.

It means being helpful.

It means being the GO-TO person for YOUR THING.

It means knowing your shit.

And proving it.

It means understanding what your customers crave…

and then going out of your damn way to give it to them. (And give it to 'em hard.)

It means standing up

When everyone else is sitting down

And it means having a voice

In a sea of silence.

It isn't always easy.

But neither is swallowing the fact that you could have BEEN MORE – DONE MORE – HAD MORE – MADE MORE – LIVED MORE…

but chose not to.

So stand the fuck up.

And lead somebody.


Then watch how it affects your sales.

Your self-esteem.

Your business.

And your life.

Give 'em something to care about.

And they will.

That's when you'll really have a business.

Anything else is just a sorry facade of a dream that could have been.

Don't let it be. 

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