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Lost Yourself in the Pursuit of “Big and Fucking Impressive?” I GOT A BOOK REC FOR YA.

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For those of us who have found ourselves stuck in a cycle of hustling to prove that our life is good enough, over and over again.

For those of us who have this nagging, crazy little itch on the inside of our minds, but keep worrying that it isn’t going to earn enough money, or it isn’t practical, or it's too much trouble, or it's going to force us to start all over again.

For those of us who secretly think, “I'm not qualified. I'm a nobody. It would never work out, anyway.”

And for those of us who get scared when things do start going well, because it must be a fluke and we’ll never be able to sustain it and it the prospect of all that work feels even harder than failure.


The book is called “Choose Wonder Over Worry,” it's about hacking your emotional fuckery, it just released TODAY, and, HAIIIII, it happens to have been written by my (actual, real life, not-just-Internet) entrepreneurial, New York City-livin' wizard friend, Amber, who is definitely smarter than you and I both on the topic of feelings (and, ya know, on not feeling like an incompetent a-hole 90% of the time).

I am so proud of her and this! Obviously I'm biased as bananas, but I gotta tell you that I've exchanged approximately 1,000 audio messages with Amber about this book since the very beginning, so in some small way, I feel like I AM HAVING A BOOK LAUNCH, TOO. (This bitch actually put me in the acknowledgements. Look, ma!!!! My name is in print!)

I just had to tell you. Partly because I wanted to brag. And partly because this is going to be a must-read for anyone and everyone who feels like a big, fat imposter anytime they try to do something different with their life.

>>> Go buy the book now so you can read it tonight.

And I hope you have a fantastic day!

LOFFFF YOU GUYS. (That's what my college roommate, Caroline, and I used to say to one another. So now you're in on our twisted little circle muahahaha.)


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