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No, You’re Not Overreacting. You’re Not Reading Into It Too Much. And You’re Not Being Overly Emotional, Either.

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They say you should trust your gut, but I never really liked that saying. You want me to entrust this REALLY BIG DECISION on a bunch of leftover pizza and four Werther’s Originals?

I prefer to say, “trust your inner anarchy,” mostly because at least that makes me feel like a little bit of an outlaw. None of this Tony Robbins crap. (Not that I don’t think Tony Robbins has a great smile. Tony Robbins has an EXCELLENT smile. Why am I suddenly picturing him in khakis?)

Ah, trusting your inner anarchy. It can be quite a hoot, let me tell you. It’s not always easy to know if you should be trusting yourself or slowly putting down the knife. And that’s really why I wanted to write this, today, because you know what jacked up thing happens all the time?

When you know something is off—
—but then you think to yourself, “no, it’s probably me.”

A few other fun variations of this tea-bag train?  “I’m probably overreacting,” “I’m probably being unreasonable,” “I’m probably just reading into it too much.” And man, I gotta tell you—it’s terrifying how often YOU ARE WRONG.

The thing is, that tiny little flinch you experience? They aren’t period cramps—those are full on evacuation warnings. Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate! Your subconscious brain is way smarter than your conscious brain, and it seems to know exactly when there’s a threat and you need to GO.

But, we don't heed warning. Instead, we second-guess and we self-doubt and we make excuses and we try to understand and rationalize the behavior of others. We don’t naturally jump to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, WE ARE RIGHT—because we’ve seen so many pompous morons assert their own self-righteousness, believing yourself first has turned into an act of ignorance.

But, what if you are right?

And what if they’re wrong?

If you’re looking for a New Year’s Resolution, maybe it should be: instead of wondering if you’re good enough for other people, start wondering if they're good enough for you.

Your inner anarchy never has an ulterior motive.

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