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The Gap Between Intention + Success. Your Mission: Ride ‘Er Buck Wild

In: Feeling Dead and Uninspired


I'm not going to start this post with, “Happy Thanksgiving–turkeys and corn and pilgrims blah blah blah.” That would be far too predictable.

I'm also not going to talk about giving thanks, either, because you and I both know you're reading about that on every blog ever made today, and I certainly don't want to be the one responsible for you blowing your brains out during a family holiday.

Or ever, really.

<insert the voice of the most annoying female you know, preferably high-pitched and nasal-ey>

I'm, like, really, like, grateful for, like, Starbucks.

Shut it, Tinkerbell. Go watch a TED talk or something.


I *am* going to take the opportunity to go out on a limb here, however, and guess that since it *is* that time of year, you're probably thinking how I think when I go on a diet:

Eh!  I'll just start tomorrow….since, you know, today is pretty much shot.

But instead of talking about my fat ass diets, we're talking about freedom. Your freedom. As in, your biz-nass.

Has this thought crossed your mind, by chance?

Eh!  I'll just start in 2012…since, you know, this year is pretty much shot.




(Don't worry. I can't make soup, anyway.)

It's weird how that works–diets, business, men, whatever.  You always want what you can't have. (I'm especially guilty of this.) But the minute you can have it–and it's right at your finger tips–you stop caring so much.

But I'd like to remind you to do yourself a favor.


If not about the men *wink*, your livelihood. Your dignity. Your pride. Your word to yourself.

In London when you're in The Tube, a very proper recording comes on, telling you to “mind the gap”–the space in between the platform and the train itself.

But today you can forget that pretentious British bitch. Today it's me telling you to mind the gap–a different gap. The dangerous place in between intention and success, where everything has the potential to go really wrong…or maybe really right.


And when I say depending, what I really mean to say is…

Depending on you.

Watch the self-sabotage.

Act with fierce intention.

Sometimes, when we're thisclose to getting what we hoped for, we take our foot off the gas because…what if, once we arrive, everything we spent years hoping for…shatters our fragile expectations and turns out to be a big, aching disappointment? Then what do we do?

Unfortunately, I can't tell you the answer to that.

But I can tell you this.

Everything you've been fighting for is about to make its grand debut.

That breakthrough you've been waiting for? It's coming.

That client you've been needing? They're on their way. (Unless you've been hoping for David Hasselhoff in which case, you're probably screwed.)

You officially have 36 days left in this year.

That's 864 hours.

51,840 minutes.

3,110,400 seconds.

Many, many moments.

And one opportunity.

So, who are you going to be?

Not in a month from now. Not in 2012. But right here. Today. Now. In the present.

Are you gonna be the one that yells, “yee-haw, baby,” and rides that opportunity for all it's worth?

Or are you gonna be the one whose greatest claim to fame is that they once tried to start a business and live life on their own terms, but it didn't really pan out because life just kinda got in the way.

You pick.

You decide.

Thanksgiving Day doesn't count. (I know you're busy eating slash eating slash eating, and that's a good thing.)

Neither does your birthday.

Or National Cotton Candy Day, which, in fact, happens to fall on December the 7th. Cross my heart and hope to die stick a needle in my eye.

Just don't forget to put your beer down at some point over the next couple weeks, and remember why you got into this game in the first place–and that you're still in it. Very much so.

You're this close.

Don't trip and fall on your face.

Mind the gap.

Mind the gap.

Mind the gap.

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