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The Smell of Desperation

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You can smell the desperation. You see folks running sideways all over the internet trying to get noticed, be bigger, get heard. But there’s a simple truth that a lot of people forget: If your message is weak, no one’s going to care, no matter how loudly you parade yourself around.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone in another language, and when you express confusion over a word, instead of explaining the word, they simply say it back louder to you–as if this were the problem? That’s annoying, right? That’s how other people feel when you run around prostituting yourself and your business all over the place…with the wrong message. Or, one that’s delivered without expert execution. It’s frustrating. It’s a let down. And when you talk louder at them, instead of trying harder to listen, they tune you out entirely.

And guess what? If nobody’s listening, your chances are worse than ever. Worse than before you even started. Because power doesn’t come from kissing the world’s ass. It comes from knowing what the fuck you’re doing. And when you don’t?

We don’t only smell your desperation.

…We’re repulsed by it.

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In: Pet Peeves,



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12 thoughts on "The Smell of Desperation"

  1. Janine Coveney says:

    Ouch. Some truth in there for me. I love your straight shooting.

  2. Krithika Rangarajan says:

    An important message for someone like me who is just starting out – thanks Ash! #HUGS


    1. Best of luck in your new adventures, Kitto!!! How’s bout you be sweet and attach a link to your new project/site/whatevs to your Disqus profile so the curious can see what you’re up to???

      1. Krithika Rangarajan says:

        I have made a commitment to begin the preparations for my website next week – I will do my best to keep you all informed #HUGS

        Thanks Wanda


  3. Jo Gifford says:

    EEP! So true. *sniffs pits* x

  4. Becky says:

    A great reminder to just do me. Thank you!