Taking Time Off for the Holidays but HAVEN’T TOLD YOUR CLIENTS? Here’s a Proven Script You Can Use (That Won’t Put Anyone’s Undies in a Bunch)

Last week I gave you a savage script for what to say when you want to raise your rates come the New Yearwithout seeming like a total grabby, greedy, ungrateful weirdo. But guess what? This fun train's just begun, because this week, YOU GET ANUTHAAA ONEEEE.

It's the middle of December, my friend, and that means that if you have not yet told your clients that—HI, YOU ARE TAKING OFF FOR THE HOLIDAYS (assuming you are not a celibate cyborg)—you're going to want to send them this email, like, today. Don't do that thing where you just go off the map for a couple of weeks and assume that, hey it's the holidays and no one is working. Even if they're off slurping vodka-dipped candy canes, you'll still want to show up like a pro and send this email, which not only helps set the proper boundaries for you, but helps them relax, too, knowing that you've got everything under control. And then you will be a proper assassin.

Here we go!


You need to know: I have officially just kicked my entire family's butt in a neighborhood snowball fight (you do not want to mess with a girl who grew up chomping icicles with her front teeth), which got me thinking: before things get too doused in tiny liquor-filled chocolates for the holidays, we should firm up our plan of attack for any other holiday adventure time that could affect our work schedule together.

Which days will you be off the grid downing hot chocolate and making a snowman replica of Elsa from Frozen? I’ll be cheerily working away on my end, wearing elf ears and probably suspenders, until <insert date>, at which point, I’ll be off through <insert the days you’ll be taking off>, and returning to work <insert the date you’ll be back in action.>

Can we sync up our schedules? I will, of course, make sure everything stays the course on my end, regardless of any holiday interruptions, but if there's anything else you wanted me to prioritize before we get jingle with it, let me know and we'll make the appropriate arrangements!

Talk soon,


P.S. Love this script? There's more where that came from! Get my whole bundle of scripts right on over here.



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