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Why Sucky People Get More Clients Than You

In: Online Marketing

Your ability to get clients has nothing to do with the quality of your work.

There, I said it.

Bold statement.

I brought this up the other day in my Behind Closed Doors group, and I want to bring it up here, too.

::   A lot of your future and continued success depends on your ability to perform, yes, but not initially. Initially your success depends on your ability to be perceived as someone who can perform.  ::

And there's a difference.

It's a plus and a minus, and they're both worth noting.

It's a plus, because it makes the barrier to entry into a new industry lower than ever. If you can enhance your perceived value, you can enhance your sales and your business and, hell, probably even your sex life, too, while we're at it.

But on the same token, it's a minus…because guess what?


At least initially, anyway.

Sure, maybe later down the line you'll outrun him or her via referrals and your reputation and the fact that you happen to cook a mean cherry pie in nothing but high heels…

…but let me ask you this:  Will your business survive long enough to even get to that point?

And if so, how?

Do you have a plan?

Try this real quick.

Imagine yourself as a diamond.

Then go ahead and imagine your competitor as a bullshit piece of cubic zirconia, sitting Indian style next to you like an asshole.

Now put yourself in the shoes of an unknowing prospective customer who has no experience with diamonds…and ask them to tell you apart.

You both look shiny and sparkly.

All they can really tell is that one costs significantly less money than the other, which, to them, is looking like the more attractive option, based on that little tidbit of information alone.

But here's the thing:


Let me repeat that.

Since they don't know how to tell the difference, there is no difference.

And that, right there, is when price shopping happens.

And that, right there, is also the moment when you lose.

If they don't understand the reason for spending the extra money on the diamond, they won't. Because to them, they're the same. 

Precisely the problem.

The same exact thing happens every day when they're choosing between your services and someone else's.

And do you know what that means?

It means it's your job to HELP THEM CHOOSE.

And by help them choose, I mean help them learn.

Educate them.

Don't just tell them that the diamond is a better investment; help them understand why.

Don't just tell prospects that you're the better investment; help them understand why.

Remember:  Sometimes, the best sales tactics aren't tactics at all–they're teachable moments.

You aren't some bullshit cubic zirconia.

Make certain your customer damn well knows it.

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