DO NOT KILL THE PEOPLE SELLING LULAROE. They’re Actually Ahead of the Curve—And Here’s Why.

Rodan + Fields.
Pampered Chef.

If you’re anything like me, your Facebook feed is blowin’ UP with folks who have become representatives for these companies. (Some of them I like and respect, and others make me want to chainsaw their house.)

So why is this becoming such a THING?

(1) Everyone is looking for a way to earn extra money.
(2) Everyone is looking for a way to do it from home.

The Internet has opened the flood gates, and people are just now starting to realize that it allows us the opportunity to sell things in exchange for compensation. BECAUSE, HEY, ONLINE SALES ARE A THING!

The trouble they run into, of course, is that 50 other people in their community are selling the same exact thing. And without having any control over the product you’re selling, or the price you sell it at, or even the way you sell it, that means that you quickly become a commodity in the marketplace—a banana is a banana is a banana, no matter who you buy it from.

So what’s the answer?

(a) Hope to God the people in your Facebook feed don’t start blocking your ass.

(b) Learn how to create a personal brand that’s bigger than the actual product you’re selling. People don’t want your supplements; they want to picture themselves looking hot, feeling confident, rolling strong, and walking into the room and OWNING IT. Sell them that. Talk about that. Create campaigns around that. The supplements themselves get sold as a by-product of the brand. That’s exactly why Dove started their whole Body Confidence Campaign—because no one would pay any attention if they kept trying to hammer soap down everybody’s throat. That said, you don’t have to be a big company do something noteworthy—consider someone like Kayla Itsines and what she did with her Instagram account. 7 million+ followers, baby, by focusing on this idea that the scale is meaningless and strength is the new black—and then whatever she sells on the backend happens as a byproduct. Except now, she moved into Option #3, my favorite:

(c) Create your own product—otherwise known as entrepreneurship. It’s the difference between being a sales rep for somebody else’s company, and creating your own. Something as simple as taking any topic you happen to know a hell of a lot about and creating an online course with Thinkific will give you a product that you’ve created, that you can then sell, just the way you would anything else…except now you get the benefit of keeping all of the profits, and having even more control over your income, your lifestyle, your everything.

We’ve always had a free marketplace, and anyone’s always been welcome to enter it. But in the past, it was significantly more difficult, because you had to have things like storefronts and inventory and physical packaging and employees. Now, the entire game has changed. Now, you don’t need more than $20 to get started. Now, you can create something of value, and sell it to other people in exchange for money.

It’s not a novel idea, but it is.
It’s not a new idea, but it feels like one.

If you want to be free, the answer isn’t in earning more money—it’s in learning how to earn it on your own.



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