? Free Email Template ? Pay Your Invoice, Bitch

Omg, just kidding, don't call any of your clients “bitch.” Maybe in your head but definitely don't say it aloud.

However, you know what you probably should do? Get any and all of your outstanding invoices paid up before the end of the year, squitch*! Now's the time—and not just because you need extra money for a Peloton / giant Christmas ham. (Have you seen how expensive they are?! The ham, not the Peloton…though have you seen how expensive a Peloton is?! In Costa Rica, I rigged my own with an iPad and the app, and it works beautifully except I have no real concept of how fast I'm going or how hard I'm working so if you happen to be in a place where Pelotons are sold and you have the money for one, highly recommend. Then buy the ham, then be a fatass.)

Okay, so where were we? AH, YES, GETTIN' THAT SKRILLA.

Also known as “gouda,” “cheddar,” “dough,” “bread,” “chips,” and 900 other delicious food products. What is it with this article, trying to tempt us like that?

But truly, if you've got clients and any of them have an outstanding invoice—even if it's not technically due yet but you need the cash flow—now's the time when you can tempt them into paying up in full…so you get the benefit of resting easy this holiday season, and they get the benefit of, well…you just wait and see.?

You ready for this email template? You ready to take your clients to Skrilladelphia?! (My favorite place on the planet.) Here it is, my friend—here it IS.

Hey, [Client]!

We're working on year-end accounting (so in other words you are having way more fun than me this week) and noticed we've got a fun-filled balance outstanding on Invoice # ______________! Are you able to close out payment on that bad boy by Tuesday, December 22nd?

The good news is, you'll get to include it as a write-off for your 2020 taxes (after January 1 you can't write it off until 2022 *woozy face emoji* ). And the double good news is that if you make payment by the 22nd, you'll also get a sweet 5% secret discount. You'll see it automatically applied to your invoice below. Just click-a-roo and you should be all set! #YULETIDECHEER

[Invoice Link]

If for any reason you aren't able to complete payment by the 22nd, just say the word—I can help make arrangements so you avoid unnecessary late fees!

Thanks so much for your help on this. My accountant, my swirling brain, and I all really appreciate it.

All the warm sugar cookies & spice,


Et voilà!

You see that reminder that TAXES ARE A THING and you def want to be able to write this off? Obviously, that doesn't apply if you aren't B2B, but if you are, it's an ace in the hole. If you aren't, just skip ahead to the discount part—or leave the entire paragraph off and simply make the ask! The discount is optional but serves as a nice feel-good incentive that can help speed things along. Chances are good you'll get that skrilla in the door—and bonus round?

You can still use this even if your client's invoice isn't due yet. ?

All you've got to do is let them know you're closing out your accounting for 2020 and are offering clients a special discount for anyone who wishes to pay-in-full prior to December 22nd. (Or whatever date.) In this case, the discount serves as an incentive to give them a reason to want to part with their money right now, so in that version, it's less optional—unless, of course, you can incentivize them another way. You know, like—pay your bill in full and receive a free pterodactyl! The usual.

Send ‘er out and get ‘er done! Hope this helps you have the happiest, jolliest, stress-free pandemic holiday that hopefully we never ever have to go through again.

Keep your eyes peeled for more emails like this (subscribe to the email list if you aren't already!)…they're-a-comin'. ? #CANTTOUCHTHIS do do do doooooo.

Happy Wednesday!


*A “squitch” is a baby sasquatch. Haha, you can't unsee it.



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