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Hey, Business Owners! Please Note. You Cannot Outsource Your Bowel Movements.

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You know how you get good at stuff?

You give a shit.

You give a shit some more.

And you give so much of a shit, that soon, your clients give a shit about you, too.

You become an indispensable part of someone’s business or life.

You think of the details some other jackal missed. You do things without being asked. You stay two steps ahead of your clients. You make them better for working with you. You make them smarter by working with you. And you do such good work, they’ll feel like they’ve got the world’s best kept secret on speed dial. (Jess makes me feel this way every single day.)

When you do this, two things happen:

1. You’re never viewed as an expense, but an asset, i.e. something that provides positive economic value. The benefits of that are numerous.

2. You become one of the few people that actually has job security.

Too many people out there are trying to pull 4 hour work weeks, work the least amount of hours they can, outsource their fucking bowel movements and make everything as scalable as possible.

While I love a smart business strategy like the best of ’em, I can tell you this:

Giving a shit, by definition, requires heart.

And despite what they tell you, you can’t outsource that.

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14 thoughts on "Hey, Business Owners! Please Note. You Cannot Outsource Your Bowel Movements."

  1. maxwell ivey says:

    hi shir; don’t know about him but as a totally blind 48 year old online entrepreneur i haven’t had much luck in the dating area. but i can’t picture imagine use whatever word you want for thinking of outsourcing dating. thanks for sharing, max

  2. maxwell ivey says:

    hi amelie; yes i’m about as out there as i can be working from home. am totally blind and don’t live in an area with good transit. have been approaching people in meet up groups i belong to hoping to solve that. some of my efforts include blogging recording videos commenting on blogs doing interviews appearing on podcasts and radio shows etc. i have about 40 names on my email list after about three months of having an aweber account. i’m on face book linked in twitter Pinterest and google plus. i have written and published an ebook that is available on my site and on amazon. its also available in print through create space. would appreciate any suggestions you have as to how i could be more out there. thanks, max

  3. Oh, Ash. I love ya girl. Everyone loved reading that supposed “revolutionary” book you kind of, sort of, not really refer to, but I found the premise insulting to virtual assistants in the States. It will never be on my to-read list.

    I did find out today (a bit the hard way) that I am indispensable to people. It’s a bittersweet feeling.

  4. My first business was a freelance writing and editing business. I did that well, but it wasn’t scalable.

    So I tried a couple of 4-hour work week approaches to my next two businesses. One failed spectacularly, and the other is still bringing me passive income.

    But I did not give a crap about either of my 4-hour work week businesses.

    And hey, what do you know, my current business, the first one I’ve truly given a crap about, it’s the most successful so far.

    So yeah, not just giving a crap about your clients, but giving a crap about what you’re actually doing.