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Why Your Clients Should Never Have to “Think About It”

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People are moving so fast now that they don’t have time to think.
They’re scanning, swiping, clicking, liking, tweeting and moving on at full velocity.
They’re making decisions based on feelings, not facts.
They are often choosing not because of what they think, but because of how something makes them feel.
What does this mean for your business?
If you want people to act, you must make them feel.
If they say ‘I’ll think about it’, you’ve lost them; they’re gone and on to the next thing.

Your fabulous, worthy, well-thought-out ideas might have logical foundations, but logic is not what will convince people to rally to your cause or click the “Buy Now” button. So begin everything from where your audience is. Set out to deliver to them the feelings they want to feel. 

-Make Your Ideas Matter, Bernadette Jiwa


We talked about this last week, with the J.Peterman product descriptions.



Don't talk about facts. Elicit a desire.



When copywriting for a recent client–a Pearl expert who travels the world in search of the perfect pearls–I didn't immediately jump to the dimensions of her pearls. The colors of her pearls. The quality of her pearls. Or the way she strings them together. Instead, I wrote this:

: : : 

The allure of pearls.

Is it the prestige?

The innocence?

The elegance?

The simplicity?

The unspoken sense of confidence?

…Or perhaps the soft spoken hint of seduction.

Whatever it is, one thing’s for certain: You’ll never be overlooked–but very much looked over. Covetingly. With envy. And evoking a magnetic irresistibility that’ll leave mouths agape, martinis unsipped and even the most composed woman in the room second guessing herself.


They’ll whisper: Who is she?

Yet, she won’t have to say a word.

Because her pearls?

Already said everything.

Genuine Cultured Pearls from The Pearl Girls.

Because while diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, pearls are her best kept secret.



Who would you rather be?

The woman with the pearls…or the woman watching her?

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