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[New Podcast šŸŽ¤] Abortion, Guns, God & Pussiesā€”And Is Civil War Inevitable?

Okay, so I have SO MUCH TO TELL YOU. So, so much. (Besides the fact that “Abortion, Gods, Gun & Pussies” is definitely going to be my new personal tagline.)

Right now Iā€™m on the ground in the Appalachian mountains, driving (with extremely careful COVID precautions) through a series of rural southern towns in an effort to investigate small-town America and the narratives driving conservative voters and how it all fits into the greaterā€¦fabric of things. (See the gram for pics as we go!)

Iā€™ve got sooooo much I want to share with you, but in the meantime, as we make our way home to Philadelphia, you have got to listen to this podcast episode I recorded with the founder of One Commune (Los Angeles-based producer of courses with Russell Brand, Sophia Amoruso, Deepak Chopra, Ā etc.) all about the different ways rural conservative America and urban liberal America view the world, the hidden human needs of Trump supporters (and why Trumpā€™s brand has been effective, despite traditional Christian values), and why the psychological component is more important than any one policy.

Seriouslyā€”Jeff is so damn smart. Heā€™s able to articulate issues I hadnā€™t yet considered, and the discussion that evolved between us was one that, I think, merits your time. (You know I hardly ever send you podcast episodes of myself talking. šŸ˜‚)

Inside, youā€™ll be treated to:

  • The voice Ash uses when she means fucking business
  • Abortion! Christianity! Guns! Donald Trump and pussies! (And the surprising link between them all)
  • Why one Trump voter I spoke with is actually piiiiissssed about the idea of raising the minimum wage to $15/hour
  • The statement: ā€œKeep Mexican dope down in Mexicoā€ā€”and how the opioid epidemic is being pinned on the wrong guy(s)
  • How opioids arrived in white rural America in the first place (and why this matters for the vote)
  • Kneeling as a form of protestā€”and why so many rural voters are getting heated over this peaceful gesture
  • Why ā€œmake America great againā€ works so well as a marketing sloganā€¦despite the majority of young conservative voters not being alive in, say, the 1950ā€™s
  • Gunssssssss, rugged individualism, and government mistrust
  • In defense of rural America: racism doesnā€™t happen on purposeā€¦usually
  • Is a civil war coming?
  • And the one thing I believe can save us all

Pop in your earbuds and go for a morning walk or throw it on while you make lunch! Hereā€™s the link again.

Iā€™m trying like hell to serve as a cross-cultural interpreterā€”let me know how you think I did. šŸ™‚

Have a great weekend, and be sure follow along on our journey over on Insta. See you there, hustle swan!!!


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[New Podcast šŸŽ¤] Abortion, Guns, God & Pussiesā€”And Is Civil War Inevitable?

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