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Unintimidated HQ™️—My New Communication Company Inspired by Kamala Harris 💪

Kamala. Motherf*cking. Harris.

IT HAPPENED! IT'S HAPPENING! WE'RE MAKING HISTORY RIGHT…NOW! I cannot tear myself away from the inauguration. (I legit got emotional the moment I turned it on this morning.)

I've been thinking about this moment ever since Harris spoke the iconic two words she will forever be remembered by—”I'm speaking.” As soon as she said it, I knew. I knew what I had to create. I'd been thinking about it for a long time, but as soon as she said those two words, I realized that we needed this now. This year. For so many reasons.

By “this,” of course what I mean is “words.”

Fierce words.
Powerful words.
Effective words.
Formidable words.

Words you can buy. Words you can keep. Words you can use. Words you can trust to help you make a bold, audacious statement with your brand, business, dream.

To learn not only how to slay at the dinner table, but the negotiating table, too.

To own every room you walk into, know how to introduce yourself to the powerful people inside, and order your whiskey like you like your stacks of money: neat.

And to use words to build empires, share your ideas, create change, and make a ruckus. To have a place where you can find stronger, more mighty words than the ones you were thinking about using. To be able to go somewhere and have an endless supply of ready-made power words for the taking: whether you're writing copy for your website, a pitch for a magazine, a caption for your Instagram, an email sequence during your launch, a bio for your About Page, a video script for your sales page, a product description for your service, an intro for your podcast, content for your newsletter—or even a hella creative set of wedding vows.

It's about taking back your authority, and showing up with words that demand to be seen. Personally, professionally, and in business.

So in homage to the effervescent Kamala Harris and her brand-new badass title as Madam Vice-President (!!!), it's a joy to give you this very tiny sneak peek into this new company what we've been building for you and for women around the world, on this special day.

Introducing UNINTIMIDATED HQ: Women's Confidence & Communication Center.



We're not ready to open our doors just yet—but obviously you'll be first to know!

(We've got a lot of writing still to do. The vision for this is like having a membership to styled stock images, but for constantly refreshed content, copy & words.)

But hang tight and I'll keep you posted as we go. 🤗

In the meantime, however, I've got some VERY COOL other surprises coming up for you this week and next…because it's the beginning of the year, babes, and WE ARE GOING TO RALLY! There's never been a better time to start fresh and create anew. To reimagine your business or start a brand-new one. To finally get this whole “online business thing” figured out, once and for all. And to laugh in the face of the things that have been keeping you small.

This year, it's all about being big, and being fierce, and being an unforgettable force of nature, impossible to miss.

I can't wait.

Rooting you on—and all of us—with all my guts,


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Unintimidated HQ™️—My New Communication Company Inspired by Kamala Harris 💪

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